Semipermanent pigment is implanted into the outer layers of the skin to create super fine natural-looking hair-like strokes amongst existing hairs. This technique is recommended for creating density, definition, and a natural shape to suit each client’s face – creating more symmetry whilst filling the gaps and framing the eyes.


Prior to the procedure, it is best to leave brows with as much hair as possible for optimal brow shaping. One week prior to the tattooing, it is advisable to stop using any products with Retin-A, AHA, or glycolics. If taking fish oil, you should cease taking it at least 2 weeks prior, 4 weeks is preferable. Do not drink alcohol or take aspirin 24 hours prior to procedure due to their blood-thinning properties. Allow 1.5-2 hours for the procedure. You will fill out a consent form, a topical anaesthetic will be applied prior and during the treatment. This means little to no discomfort is felt during, however client pain thresholds may vary. Some clients may experience slight discomfort or a stinging sensation. Prior to tattooing, we discuss shape and colour, and the brows are measured out and outlined with pencil to represent the shape intended. The whole way through the procedure you get to be very much part of the process, with each hair stroke being slowly added to create a shape and style you are comfortable with. The brows can be subtly coloured or completely remodelled.


Good after care is extremely important for best results, particularly for the first 7-10 days. It is essential to not get the brows wet during this period. You will be given a cream to apply every 3-4 hours for the first week. It is not recommended to exercise or excessively sweat for 48 hours after the procedure. Avoid putting makeup on or around the area for 10 days (eye makeup is ok). The brow pigment for the first few days will appear much darker, but depending upon the depth of colour used most people are comfortable with being seen in public immediately after the procedure. Any swelling or redness will subside within 24 hours. The area may be a little tender to touch for a couple of days post-treatment and some itching will occur as they heal. It is important not to scratch them at this time. There is minimal risk of infection as strict hygiene standards are maintained. Sterile, disposable, single-use needles are always used. It is important to only apply the cream given, using a fresh cotton tip each application. Avoid use of anything else on or around them. The tattooing will be healed fully at 6 weeks, this is when the true colour and results will be visible. The complimentary touch-up is done at 4-6 weeks. Some clients with oily skin or minimal pigment retention may need a second touch up in another 4-6 weeks. Allow 1-1.5 hours for touch-ups. The same after care is required after touch-ups as for the initial session. In a few cases, clients experience patchiness as the tattoo heals. Closely following after care instructions as outlined reduces this possibility. In some cases, client’s skin may not be suitable for this treatment and a more permanent tattoo treatment may be recommended.


Typically, Feathertouch brows will last from 1-2 years, depending upon many factors such as skin type, age of skin, condition of skin, skin care products used on or around the area – particularly those containing glycolic acid, AHAs, and vitamins will fade the colour more rapidly. It is best to avoid using them on or too near the area. Exposure to sun, chlorine or salt water can also affect the longevity of colour. Each individual’s colour retention within the skin will vary, with oily skins tending not to hold the pigment as well and brow strokes may not appear as sharp as those with normal to dry skin. Light blonde colours may need a touch-up at 6-9 months. This may also be the case with very oily skins and flaky, dry skin. To maintain fresh-looking brows it is recommended to schedule a touch up at 12-18 months. This keeps the brow strokes looking defined rather than a shading of colour. The blurring of hair strokes will occur over time due to exposure to the elements and product use. It is recommended to use SPF 30+ on the area (after fully healed) to avoid fading. Please note that the brow pigment for the first few days will appear darker, and then begin to fade. Some clients experience up to 60% fading in the weeks following initial treatment. Fading will be corrected at the touch-ups. In some cases, a darker pigment will be chosen, or additional hair strokes added.


These are iron oxide pigments and are innocuous, harmless and safe for implantation into the skin. They are naturally absorbed into the skin and will fade and change colour over time. Yearly touch-ups are recommended.


Clients have the option to book a separate consultation prior to booking the tattoo appointment. Allow 45 minutes for this session – which includes a brow makeover and any questions answered. There is also the option of sending through a photo of your existing eyebrows with no makeup on, natural lighting, filter-free, and uncropped to allow to zoom in if necessary. Some clients may not be a suitable candidate for cosmetic tattooing. Before booking in, please ensure you have read thru the contra-indications.


Feathertouch tattooing is not recommended for clients who:
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are undergoing or have undergone chemotherapy recently
  • Have had Botox or chemical peels in the previous 3 weeks
  • Have sunburned skin
  • Have Excema, Psoriasis, or extremely flaky, dry skin in brow area
  • Are using Accutane
  • Have a heart condition or using heart medications
  • Have skin disease or irritations
  • Are allergic to Lidocaine, Prilocaine, Benzocaine, Tetracaine, or Epinephrine
Those with Diabetes or serious medical conditions will require physician’s note.